Sunday, August 13, 2017

Medical insurance policy claim letter


I am the insurant of your xxxx insurance with policy no 123456 and working at YYYY company as Software engineer.

I want to submit few lines for your kind consideration and favorable action. On 07-aug-2017, around 10 am I felt unwell suddenly due to continuous severe chest pain. Even after first aid medication, as it continued, I had been got admitted at zzzzz hospital  on 25. 06.2017.I got discharged from the hospital after the recovery on 12-aug-2017.

As I was in hospital, I couldn't able to follow up about the claim procedure. I would like to know, whether am I be eligible to make claim now for the medical treatment I underwent at the above mentioned hospital for the dates mentioned. Kindly let me know the procedure so as to proceed accordingly.

with regards,

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