Thursday, June 30, 2011

Business letter - 3

Dear sir,

Please cancel our orders of June 15, for paints and brush. You have delayed and as we were in urgent need of it, we had to get our supply from the local sources.

Your letter of June 18, explaining delay, did not satisfy us. We hope you would not mind this.

Yours truly,
(Your name)


Dear Mr.John,

As you are usually very prompt in paying your bills, we wonder why you have overlooked your May account.

Is there some reason why you are not paying this bill? would you like to come in and talk it over with us?

The amount is for $500 and it is now more that two months overdue. We will be looking for your check in the next day or two; or for a letter telling us when we may expect at least part of the amount due us.

Yours very truly
(Your name)


Dear sir,

we thank you for your letter dated June 10 and have pleasure in sending you under separate cover a copy of our catalog and price-list.

We may point out that all our fruit-juices are made from pure fruit and sugar and are free from synthetic coloring.

We trust you will find our prices competitive, and we shall be glad to receive your order.

Your faithfully,
(Your name)

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