Monday, June 27, 2011

Business letter - 2

 Dear sir,

We are indeed glad to say welcome and thank you for your order of the 10th which arrived just this morning. Our dispatch department is not getting ready your parcel and will book it today by the passenger train.

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to John's and we sincerely hope that this order will just be the first of many during the year


Dear sir,

Please send samples and quotations on one million metal paper clips. At the same time let us know if you can supply 50 staplers giving us a quotation on this also.

We would like to have the information by the end of this week if possible.

Very truly yours
(your name)


Dear sir,

On my very first day, I have visited all 8 parties of this town and I am happy to inform you that I have secured orders from 6 parties for the total value of $2500.

Company have got enough stock of our goods and David and sons is closed for seven days owing to the death of their proprietor's wife.

I shall leave for my next station to night. Assuring you of my hard and sincere work.

Yours faithfully,
(your name)

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