Friday, November 26, 2010

School letter - 2

Dear sir,

I should be most grateful if you could spare me a few minutes to discuss the problem of Diana(daughter name) future career. While going through the quarterly report of Diana, I find that she is not paying much attention to her studies. She has not been able to secure even the minimum marks in any of the compulsory subjects. She has, however, done well in games which makes it clear that she is spending a greater part of her time in games.

Games, undoubtedly, are essential for good health for children. I also know that students have to devote a little more time to games this time of the year when inter-school Tournaments take place.

But games cannot be given preference to studies. I hope you would also hold the same view. I, therefore, wish to take your help at this critical stage in my daughter's career and would be grateful if you kindly adjust the time-table in such a way that her studies do not suffer, while at the same time she is not deprived of the advantage of games. Diana is quite intelligent and is capable of putting in hard work. It is my sincere feeling that a little adjustment on your part will overcome her deficiency and she will be able to do much better in the next quarterly examination. On my part I can assure you of full co-operation in any program you might like to chalk out for the child.

Yours faithfully,
(your name)


Dear sir,

With due respect I beg to state that I am unable to attend the school today on account of some urgent work at home.

Therefore, kindly grant me leave for today.

Yours obediently
(Your name)

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