Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Job application letter - 6

Dear sir,

I was excited to see your advertisement for a consumer research post on New york times. Your advertisement offers a most tempting job to a young man just out of college. I can't think of any job I would like better than consumer research for a famous organization like yours. I look upon it as a wonderful opportunity, and here is what I can offer you in return.

I am 22 years of age, make a good appearance and get along exceedingly well with people.

I have an inquisitive and analytical mind- I enjoy finding out about things and I have the ability to draw people out.

Perhaps you will agree that these qualities- plus enthusiasm, persistence, and the willingness to work hard and long make me acceptable for the job you offer as a beginner on your research staff.

I specialized in advertising at New york university, from which I graduated. I have unusual letters of recommendation from my instructors in these subjects. I should like the opportunity of showing them to you.

Although I have had no actual experience in consumer research, I am familiar with the procedure, and fully understand its significance in charting, buying habits and trends.

I enclose a cover addressed to myself, in the hope you will use it to tell me when to come for an interview or if you prefer calling, my telephone number.

Sincerely yours
(your name)


Dear sir,

We have a temporary vacancy of a lecturer for the current session. If you are interested in it please appear for an interview at the principal's office on November 26 at 10 A.M.

Yours faithfully,
(your name)

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