Saturday, November 20, 2010

Job application letter - 3

Dear sir,

I am writing to apply for the Salesman position advertised in the New york Times. I wish to apply for the post. I am a dynamic and charismatic person filled with a lot of energy and enthusiasm in life.

I was graduated from the New york university five years ago. During the first two years I was employed as a stock and sales clerk with a reputed firm in New york. In this capacity, I have been responsible for stocking and issuing goods and keeping account of the incoming and out going stories besides waiting on customers. I gained a very valuable experience in dealing with people from different places.

My employers were greatly pleased with my work and there was every chance of my promotion when domestic affairs called me away from New york and I had to give up service. I am enclosing a copy of the testimonial I obtained from this firm.

After staying in my village for five months I went to New Jersey where my uncle was employed in Government service. I got the job of a cashier with a foreign firm, but the job was not to my liking and I resigned after five months. The testimonial which I obtained from these new employers will certify to my honesty and sense of duty . Though the work was not to my liking, yet I did my utmost to perform my duties diligently and sincerely so long as I stayed there.

It was difficult to get a job of my liking. As a stopgap I learned motor driving with a friend and obtained a license as a driver. I have been doing odd jobs since, but in the meanwhile I kept my eye on an opportunity which would just suit me and since I like salesmanship. I studied the art of display and window dressing along with the business psychology.

I am not married, nor do I intend getting married till I am properly fixed up. So you may be sure that I would not shrink traveling duties. I love a life of adventure.

I may not say much of my school or college career, for I have left it for behind and there is now nothing in me of the dandy that I used to be. I never shine in my studies. I was wedded to football and all my attention was taken up by that. But now that too is an old story.

Will you be kind enough to give me a chance of meeting you, so that I may impress upon you the force of my desire to take up this job and continue in it, till you are pleased to me higher.

I eagerly wait for your reply.

Yours truly
(your name)

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