Monday, November 15, 2010

Children's letter - 2

Dear Grandfather,

Thank you very much for the new doll from America. I call her Appi. She is just the doll I wanted.

I hope you will come to visit soon.

with love
(Your name)


Dear Uncle,

I am very fine. I believe this letter finds you, aunt and little John in good health and cheer. I received the birth day gift through professional courier. I was overjoyed to see an electronic watch in the gift parcel. It is very thoughtful of you. Please do visit us during the summer vacation.

Yours lovingly,
(Your name)


Dear Mon and Dad,

How are you? Well, another week is over and the days are speeding by soon. I will be coming home for Christmas. I can hardly wait. It seems ages since I saw you!

I saw the perfect Christmas gift for Diana. I am not going to tell you what it is because she may see this letter. I wouldn't know, of course, because she never writes me.

I got a box of sweets from Aunt last week. They were very delicious. How is sister? I hope everything at home is all right. I must also get my sister a real nice Christmas gift. I am counting the days. Love to all.

Your devoted
(Your name)

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