Sunday, November 14, 2010

Children's letter - 1

Dear Grandfather,

I always wanted a train. Thank you for sending me a train for Christmas. It is wonderful. It lights up and whistles like a real train.

I got a drum and wagon, too. But I like my train best of all. I like to make it go through the tunne.

I hope you will come and see it again.

With love
(your name)


Dear Uncle,

This is to say thank you for the wonderful time, I had at your house. I enjoyed the Saturday-night party tremendously, and the exciting kabaddi.

I will never forget the week end was one of the best I ever spent.

Sincerely yours,
(your name)


Dear John,

Thank you for the lovely time I had at your house. I have just been telling Mother what fun I had. You always dream up the most unusual ideas!

Be sure and thank your mother for me. That was a wonderful dinner party she gave us on Sunday and the beach picnic was simply super.

Remember, we expect you here on November 15th. Let us know what train you are taking and we will meet you at the station. I am not as clever as you are, but I promise you a good time any way!

Your loving friend,
(your name)


Dear mother,

I like it very much at camp. It is fun. We play games and go swimming. I am learning how to swim. Life here is very nice. There is another new friend of mine. His name is John. His bed is next to mine. I like him very much.

Are you coming to see me soon?

(your name)

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