Friday, October 29, 2010

Types of letter

Business and official letters have a format and a method. Official/Business letter has a computer format or conventional format. Business Letter in general have Address of the sender, Address of the recipient, Date, Salutation, Body of the letter, subscription and signature. Business letter should be different from the style of a personal letter, when you write a business letter you should say what you want to say briefly. Large part of the business is conducted by means of correspondence. Take pride in the letters you send out, Just as you take pride in your own appearance. Good business letter has a definite character because it reflects the personality of the company as well as that of individual.

Letters on invitations, Letters of obligation, complaint letters, letters of friendship, business letters, announcement, acknowledgments, acceptances,thank-you notes,condolences and letter of sympathy are all very important letters in our daily lives. Formal letters are written with a purpose.Informal ones are written to establish understanding or to keep the friendship alive.Personal letters make us feel that we are not alone. You may have to write job application letters, you will have to request the educational authorities. You have to write an official letter to your manager regarding promotion,increments,etc...Sometimes you have to write a request letter to approach agents, government officials. We need to write a condolence letter promptly while the shock of the news is still with you. A dinner invitation is one of the highest forms of social courtesy. The purpose of a social note of introduction is to bring together people you feel reasonably sure will find pleasure and enjoyment in each others company.

Official letters do have a formal language. Courtesy and conciseness are the key elements of official/formal/business letters. Clarity in thought and expression is a must. Your personal correspondence is made up of the letters you write to family and friends. Write as you speak! write as though you were seated in a room with me, talking in plain, simple language about the things you have seen, done, thought and experienced since you wrote me last. Friendly letters are the exchange of thoughts between friends. In friendly letter you don't need to write exclusively about yourself. The family people are usually more intimate, informal, and more concerned with personal affairs. Along,cheerful,news filled letter makes any day a better day. Love letter should be individual and It mus come from your heart.

Business letter should be spoken, but not dictated strive to express yourself in a friendly way and with a simple dignity. Please remember that every type of letter you write creates either a good or bad impression on the person who receives it.Your letter represents you. So be sure it represents you to best advantage. Introduction,acknowledgments, business letter, thousands of model letters,sentences, bright ideas are all taken from many letter writers for better drafting. I wish to thank them all. You can expect sample letters tomorrow.

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