Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Introduction - Letter writing

Hi, This is not my origin writing. It is the site of rare collection,required collection,splendid collection, useful collection, marvelous collection from different available sources. It had been suggested to me by several friends and relatives more than once. That leads me to create this blog. So I have made it possible to put into effect. Model letters and sentences used in this blog are unquestionably among the best of their kind in the English language. A well collected form signifying a good deal, one to be read again and again. It would give them the intellectual thought that they could find no where else. I hope this will be the best site on letter writing. Viewers should preserve it at all costs as your guide. I have wandered round the country, traveled abroad and collected variety and the talent available from all sources. This better letter drafting is a splendid collection of good and useful sentences for every type of letters. Resources are made available to all who could use it. Words and god sentences can be remember with pleasure and pride. Specimens of almost all kinds of correspondence that are entered into in business and social world of today. Layman will find it useful in the beginning stage of their career. The general reader also hopes that he will find pleasure and excitement in reading. This book is useful as a means of widening his mental horizon and as a help towards the improvement of his style. You can at any rate derive immense benefit from this letter drafting. I hope this will be the best site on letter writing.
I do not say this Better Letter Drafting is perfect. Defects may be there in this book. Readers are requested to correct them and judge for themselves and achieve a spectacular and enduring success. I hope that with all its limitations it will contribute something to the good writing. I leave it to the reader to sort the wheat from the chaff. I am grateful for unstained co-operation who helped with information sources. I shall be more than satisfied if it is found that I have provided some food for thought. From today onwards, I will post a sample,tips about letter writing in this blog. See you tomorrow.

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