Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Better letter drafting...

English not your mother tongue?. Don't worry about your English(As I don't worry about mine). But we need to use it because it is an international language. We are obliged to use it for correspondence, to influence people or to get business. So, this blog is intended for all readers who are seeking to write a good and effective letters. At the end of all post, the reader will appreciate the beauty of language because it is selected and collected matter from different sources only which is best that is borrowed. You can sort the required sentence out of this blog and use them in your letters. A step-by-step approach to letter writing makes clear presentation, easy and saves the time of writer. Before writing any letter you should ask yourself, who will read my letter, what does he already know, what does he need to know, how best can I impart the information he needs in a form that he can understand.
The writer first plan and think out what he has to say before he begins to write. Good layout enhances the appearance and attractiveness as well as making it easier to read and understand. Having required information and collected matter, then make your draft as near final as you can. This better letter drafting has been specially prepared for those who are in search of vast,collection,variety and the talented matter. It is designed to satisfy a wide variety of readers, and is drawn from the popular literature of many lands. Some of the sentences are adapted from many sources and simplified for use. We have used graded vocabulary in this site. This unique site ensures not only an easy drafting but also helpful sentences can be remember with pleasure and pride.You can add some required sentences and remove unwanted information from the sample sentences to frame a required sentence. Then your ready-made letter will be of marvelous readable,enjoyable and exciting one to others.
Readers are requested to go on reading and collecting helpful sentences from different sources which tells you everything you need to know before writing clear, correct, effective letters. I hope that my blog(Better Letter Drafting) will help people to understand and write good letters. This blog will help readers to achieve greater facility in writing clearly, concisely and cogently. I trust the blog will receive wide attention.

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