Thursday, October 28, 2010

About letter writing

Letter writing is an art. Everyone likes to receive interesting letters, but no one likes to write a letter in return. To have a friend, you must be a friend. To receive interesting letters, you must also write interesting letters. The letter writing is an important social asset. A good letter is a warm-blooded substitute for a personal visit. Through letters we can make relatives, meet friends and keep alive the warm glow of love. Letters brings friends and relatives together. The ability to write interesting letters can be useful to you socially to talk well. Letter is your personal representative. If we know how to put our feelings and sentiments into words, the warmth of our heart will radiate from our letters and our friends and relatives will know that we genuinely share with them their sorrows and their happiness. Be true to your letters.

A good letter lives eternally. Breath your personality into your letters. A letter is an effective medium of communication. Most effective than conversation while you converse, your words are scattered, may not be forceful or may not express your ideas clearly,whereas, in a letter this is all possible. That is why letter writing is an art. A letter fails completely when it arrives late. So be timely and be yourself. Letters can do amazing things and help you in more ways than you may realize. Everyone knows and realizes the tremendous importance of letter writing. Good convincing letters win more jobs and influence more people. Letter is an intimate visit on paper with someone near and dear. Letters keep your influence and personality alive. You can maintain your friendship for over long periods. Letter writing brings its own great rewards. So try to make opportunities to write a letter to your friends.Don't ever say that you don't know what to write, write about the things you see and hear.

You can share good news and interesting experience through letters. You can express your thoughts and ideas on whatever subjects are mutually interesting to you. The power, the passion, the love, the longing, the humor, above all the dazzling vision of the people and their sheer feeling should all reflect in your letter. A man with a keen eye and an abundant heart can only write effective letters. Letter are also written to inform, to invite, to impress and to please the friends and relatives. A good letter clearly written according to the needs of the particular readership, often creates a good impression that can only enhance the reputation of the writer. The letter is the crown of a person's achievements and the means whereby the quality of his letter is judged. Letter writing is the art of passing on to others the information they need in a form they can understand. Don't write without thinking, give up this practice entirely and speak only such words, and write as are truthful, soothing and helpful. We must dedicate ourselves to the service of those in distress and treat them as we would ourselves be treated. Let your writings have a personality and an individuality. Good letters add to the fullness any graciousness of life.

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